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Being an Irvine dentist, we know how beneficial reconstructive dentistry is. Reconstructive dentistry is a phrase often used to describe a combination of dental procedures that your dentist will provide for you to reconstruct, or recreate, teeth or dental structures. When you have teeth that are missing, not formed properly, or are significantly smaller or larger than the rest of your teeth, it can affect your ability to speak properly and possibly even affect your ability to chew.

Reconstructive Dentistry is a general dental term used to describe the treatment and procedures that your dentist will provide to restore your teeth to the way that they were or the way that they should have been. Basically, Reconstructive Dentistry is provided in order to provide you with a better quality of life. As Irvine dentists that specialize in reconstructive dentistry, we know this procedure can be positively life-changing!

Reconstructive Dentistry Expectations

Within the scope of Reconstructive Dentistry, your dentist may create new dental implants to replace teeth that are missing and also add porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns over teeth that are intact but need to be reshaped to fit in better with the rest of your teeth.

If you have suffered from an accident or illness that has severely damaged your teeth or caused you to lose teeth, your Reconstructive Dentistry treatment may include new dental implants to provide you with teeth that function as normally as healthy teeth would, restoring for you the ability to chew your food and speak clearly.

Reconstructive Dentistry may involve correcting teeth that are protruding forward and pushing up against your lips, or teeth that are leaning backward into your mouth. Teeth that are protruding forward and teeth that are leaning backward can cause your teeth to not meet in front, which can in turn make it difficult for you to chew and to pronounce words properly. This can lead to problems with normal speech development and without Reconstructive Dentistry you might seek speech therapy to overcome what really is a dental issue. As an adult, the inability to communicate effectively can affect your career choices, advancements in your job, and your confidence in yourself.

How Reconstructive Dentistry Differs

While Reconstructive Dentistry may sound a bit like cosmetic dentistry, the difference between them is based on the necessity of the treatment applied to provide a better quality of life for you. For example, cosmetic dentistry could include porcelain veneers to create a tooth that is more visually pleasing than before the procedure, but it may not have been medically necessary. Reconstructive Dentistry, on the other hand, involves many of the same treatments and procedures as cosmetic dentistry. However, with Reconstructive Dentistry your dentist is addressing dental issues that are affecting your quality of life.

The goal of Reconstructive Dentistry is to create the best solution possible for your dental needs. Once your dentist has recommended a program of Reconstructive Dentistry for you, you’ll be on your way to a new smile! Come visit our Irvine, California office and let accommodate your reconstructive dentistry needs today!

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