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complete DENTURES


You may be considering a set of complete dentures to replace your existing teeth because you have sustained an injury or an illness, or over time your natural teeth have lost their ability to hold onto their position in your mouth, either because of poor oral hygiene over the years, or a medication taken during an illness that affected your teeth, or the illness itself caused the loss of your teeth, or possibly there were more natural causes that just couldn’t be avoided.


When fitting your for a set of complete dentures, your dentist will make a mold of your mouth, providing an impression that gives a clear view of the shape of the inside of your mouth as it is today. From this mold, or impression, the dental lab will create a set of complete dentures for your mouth. There will be one to replace your upper teeth, and one to replace your bottom teeth.

Complete Denture Fitting

Complete Denture Functionality

Your new set of complete dentures will work to provide the function that your natural teeth would have provided for you. The most important of these functions is the ability to chew your food so that you can nourish your body. Proper diet is important to your overall heath and your dentist will have this in mind when helping you make the adjustment to your new complete dentures.


Benefits Of Complete Dentures

This set of complete dentures will provide you with other benefits as well. If you have been without teeth for any length of time, or even without some of your teeth, you may have noticed that your speech or your ability to pronounce some words has changed. Our teeth, gums, and tongue all play a key role in our ability to speak clearly and enunciate our words so without our teeth we are often left with a struggle to speak clearly.

Your new set of complete dentures will help to restore your ability to speak more clearly as you will be able to use your new teeth to pronounce words more clearly. This is key not only to your ability to be heard and understood, but to also restore your confidence as you may have become less involved in conversations if your ability to be understood has been a problem for you for awhile.

If you have been missing some (or all) of your teeth for any length of time, you may have felt less confident about yourself during this period of time. With your new set of complete dentures you will soon learn to wear them with assurance and you will find that your own self-confidence will return.

With your new set of complete dentures you will soon be able to do the things that you once did with your natural teeth and you will once again have that beautiful smile you deserve!

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